Large-Scale Warehousing

& Fulfilment Services

Large-scale warehousing and fulfilment services help businesses manage their inventory and deliver products to customers. By outsourcing these functions to us, businesses can save money, scale up or down as needed, offer faster delivery times, and access advanced inventory management and shipping technologies.


On-Site Training, Deployment

& Preventive Maintenance

Our on-site managed services provide IT management, support, and training for employees. This allows businesses to focus on core operations while we handle day-to-day IT operations and ensure that technology systems run smoothly and are optimized for maximum efficiency.


Comprehensive Staging &

Configuration Operations

Comprehensive staging and configuration operations prepare and customize technology hardware and software before deployment to ensure proper configuration and reduce deployment issues. Outsourcing to us can save time and resources, streamline deployment processes, and improve overall efficiency.



RMA Service Centre

Our Nationwide RMA and Service Center and Onsite Warranty services provide repair and maintenance support for technology products. Outsourcing these services to us can save time and resources, reduce downtime, and improve productivity.


Asset Tagging

and Tracking

We offer asset tagging and tracking solutions that label assets with unique codes and monitor usage to improve asset management, reduce loss, and increase efficiency. Outsourcing asset tagging and tracking to us simplifies the asset management process, streamlines operations, and reduces costs for clients.



DaaS Services

Our Device as a Service (DaaS) subscription-based model allows businesses to lease hardware devices and software/services needed to manage them. We manage the hardware and software, including maintenance, security, and upgrades, freeing up IT resources. DaaS offers cost savings, improved scalability, and reduced IT management burdens, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations while ensuring their hardware and software needs are met.


More and more Point-of-Sales (POS) solution providers are partnering with SurfsTeK to meet their customers’ AIDC & POS solution demands. It’s not just that we deliver custom tailored AIDC & POS solutions that fit the specifications of every customer. It’s that we’ll make sure your customers are taken care of – through every step of the experience – making you look great in the process.